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With sales offices in over three continents, SolaX Power designs and manufactures products at the highest standards. These products – solax inverters and batteries – after rigorous quality testing, are shipped to over 47 countries through the 200+ distribution channels. The company has investments of USD$ 20 million in advanced manufacturing and testing processes. This enables them to deliver premium solar system products for every market

The Hangzhou based firm has heavy focus in R&D and employs over 700 engineers and specialists worldwide. Their key SAA certified products include X1 Boost and X-3 solax inverters; X-Hybrid and Solar Box integrated battery storage systems etc. Founded in 2003, the company is also an affiliate partner of Home Insulation and Energy Systems Contractors Scheme (HIES). Furthermore, the Solax inverters are also certified by CE, AS4777, VDE etc. Detailed country-wise certification documents can be found here.

Their X1 Boost inverter series is one of the top premium solar brands in Australia. It offers high efficient and reliable single-phase solutions to both residential consumers and SMEs. They comply with VDE-AR-N 4105 standards and boasts an operational time of 100,000+ hours. The GoSolar Group is an official distributor of Solax inverter in country. The office in Huntingdale Road, Victoria caters to the country’s installers and distributors with dedicated technical support (including 24×7 online support) and after-sales service. For more product inquiry, wholesale price and unbeatable discounts you can contact us here.

Solax Inverters Feature:

  • Maximum efficiency of 97.8%
  • Maximum DC input of 600 volts.
  • Online remote monitoring systems.
  • IP65 environmental protection.
  • Wi-Fi enabled and compatible with ‘Smart Plug’ for remote device control.
  • Dedicated online portal with Android and iOS app support.
  • THD less than 1%
  • Fanless design (X1 series) with noise less than 25 dB.
  • Certifications include: G83/2; G59/3; AS4777.2-2015; VDE4105; EN50438 and CQC;VDE0126



Single Phase Dual MPPT 3.0kW

solax inverters


Single Phase Dual MPPT 5.0kW

solax inverter x1 Boost 5 kw