South Australia Approved Relevant Agent

From Sept 28, 2020, the SA government required each owner/operator to authorise or appoint a relevant agent to manage new installed power plants.
Go Solar Group has been approved by SA Department for Energy and Mining as a Relevant Agent since Sept 24, 2020.

Technology & Solutions

The Go Solar Group IoT platform primarily connects and disconnects each power plant by remotely controlling the inverters. We highly recommend to install Growatt inverters, which has already pass the VDTR test and approved by Department for Energy and Mining.

Approved Relevant Agent

Regulatory Changes

Accredited Wholesaler


IoT Platform

Enjoy Powerful IT system support

Every business partner can enjoy our EXCELLENT and well-built IT system support. The system can provide both the real-time monitoring and remotely control capacity. You can visualize your business and easily deal with the government regulatory changes. You go for Go Solar Group, and we take the rest for you.

Real-time monitoring ( For retailers / installers )

Remote control portal