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Deutsche Energieversorgung GmbH is one of the most popular battery storage solutions in the world. Based out of Germany, they have been at the forefront of decentralized storage solutions under the brand name Senec. Since 2009, the company has sold over 18,000 systems worldwide. They constitute over 12% of the batteries sold throughout Europe. In 2013, their first industrial storage system went online. The year 2015-16 saw the firm expanding into the service provider business through Classic and Cloud solutions. The later reduces dependency on public networks by collecting the excess energy during, say, summer season to a virtual network and reutilizing it during the peak period, say, winters. This closed loop helps in consumers to achieve 100% self-generated energy usage.

Senec battery storage components are designed, manufactured and assembled in Germany. This guarantees minimal failure rates and maximum energy efficiency. The cost effective production and independent quality assurance enables reliable and economic solutions that fits the needs of families and SMEs alike. Their design focuses on mainly safety, reliability and aesthetics.

The battery systems are modular and have full Australian service and support. The long warranty furthers justifies their return on investment. Similar to their Cloud 2.0, the company launched grid-charging software in Australia. This achieves smaller payback periods through higher cycle rates to take advantage of grid pricing. Conventional batteries would not to be able to use this model due to their lower life spans (6,000 cycles).  GoSolar is an authorized senec battery wholesaler in Australia. Contact us for more details on pricing and discounts, and our engineers will get back to within one working day.

SENEC Battery Storage Features:

  • High density and Maintenance free Li-ion batteries.
  • 10 Years manufacturer’s warranty (12,000 cycles)
  • 20 Years operational life.
  • Fully automatic operational mode.
  • Self-developed capacity management system.
  • Higher performance over wider ambient temperature variations.
  • Tracking and monitoring through smartphone applications.
  • OTA software updates
  • Made in Germany


5.0 kWh

C/D: 1,250 W / 2,500 W

senec battery 5.0kWh

7.5 kWh

C/D: 1,875 W / 2,500 W

senec battery 7.5kWh

10.0 kWh

C/D: 2,500 W / 2,500 W

senec battery 10.0kWh