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Longi Solar is one of the oldest companies in the Solar Pv industry. Established in 2000, their shipments are over 30GW of solar modules and cells worldwide. Their operations span over 4 continents. They recently overtook Jinko to become largest solar module manufacturer in the top tier-1 panel list (Bloomberg NEF 2019). Longi is also known as the world’s most valuable solar panel manufacturing company with total assets over $6 billion. They have one of the biggest sales-service networks of any solar manufacturers with subsidiaries present in all the continents. The company trades publicly in the Shanghai stock exchange.

Their heavy investments in PERC R&D (over 6.8% of total sales – $175 million/year) enabled their p-type PERC modules to reach record efficiency of 24.06%. This is over 6 points from the second-best in the industry. In 2019, for the third consecutive time, Longi Solar has won the “Top Performer” award of DNV GL’s module reliability report. The Longi modules provides 30-year reliability when it comes to dynamic mechanical loading, PID and thermal cycling. From casting to module production, the vertically integrated manufacturing process ensures consistency in quality.

Popular Longi modules include Hi-MO4 (Half Cell MONO and bifacial) and LR6-60OPH (MONO) series. Longi modules have one of the largest first-year power warranty – over 98%. Their half-cut bifacial panels have over 30% energy efficiency when deployed on sand or concrete. Furthermore, their MONO PERC features low shading loss, operating temperature and hot-spots. Have enquiries related to availability and discounts? Contact us now for more information on Longi solar wholesale pricing in Australia.

Reaching incredibly high rates of up to 22% in cell efficiency and a slow degradation rate due to its Anti-LID and Anti-PID qualities, Longi panels are a high quality solar panel perfectly suited to Australian conditions.

Longi panels also attribute leading solar panel technology, including:

Longi Solar PV Module Features:

  • High module efficiency – up to 20.6%
  • Low solar irradiance performance
  • Low LID PERC technology with the lowest power degradation
  • High energy yield
  • Improved PID resistance
  • Resilient design that can withstand high wind, snow and other mechanical loads.
  • ISO, IEC and OHSAS certified
  • 12 Year product warranty
  • 25 year linear power output warranty (performance warranty)

High Panel Efficiency

Known for their excellent efficiency ratings, Longi panels separate themselves from the competition by having developed a premiere solar panel at an affordable cost. Longi’s solar panels excel in the areas of efficiency, performance longevity and environmental durability, resulting in the perfect panel for Australia’s consumer market.

Longi also boasts a 25 Year Linear Output Warranty paired with 12 Year Materials & Processing Warranty on their panels, giving the peace of mind to all customers and clients that when they’re looking to purchase Longi panels, they’re getting the best.

Leading Solar PERC Technology

Longi’s Mono PERC technology significantly improves the efficiency of the solar panels and is behind their incredible panel efficiency rate of up to 22%. The PERC cell contains a passivated rear side with laser grooving, strongly improving cell efficiency. Boasting an outstanding low irradiance performance, low  power-temperature coefficient, low operating temperature all contribute to Longi’s panels generating a high energy yield.

Extensive Product Testing

Longi prides itself on their extensive product testing, covering routine tests of IEC and UL, while also posting excellent performance in third-party testing, from the likes of RETC,

DNV GL and The PV Magazine.

International Award Winning Brand

With countless awards under their belt, Longi has been recognised in various solar fields throughout their time in operation. Some awards include being named Winner of the 2018 Solar + Power Award in the category of Silicon Module, the 2019 Award for Employer Excellence and of course the Winner of the All Quality Matters award for PV Module Energy Yield Simulation two years running. The Energy Yield award evaluation tests are extremely rigorous and include simulations of climatic environments across five different regions of the world.

Possessing sophisticated quality control and technical ability, Longi is a world-class solar manufacturing brand. As an Australian distributor of Longi’s highly acclaimed solar panels, we are your first call to action to some of the best solar panels on the market today.



Mono PERC (340-360W)

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