Jinko Solar Panels

Jinko Solar

Publicly listed as NYSE:JKS, Jinko Solar is one of the largest and top tier-1 panel manufacturers in the world and has established a reputation of developing high quality and high efficiency solar panels at a cost-effective price to suit any Australian installation. With total solar module shipments equaling to over 14GW, including over 3000MW internationally shipped in just the 1st Quarter of 2019, Jinko has earned its place as a leading international solar panel manufacturer. The 13 year old company has an annual capacity exceeding 4GW for PV cells and 6.5GW for solar modules. They are a vertically integrated solar company with dedicated R&D facilities. All of their modules comes with 25 year linear performance warranty and 10 year product warranty. With over 10,000 employees, Jinko Solar has sales in over 38 companies and 14 regional offices. In Australia, they operate out of Sydney with local warehouse facilities. GoSolar is an official wholesale distributor of Jinko panels in the country.

Jinko Solar has been part of some of the largest commercial- and utility-grade solar projects in Australia – Chillamurra Solar farm (4.8MW), Royalla Solar Farm (24MW), Brisbane Markets (1MW). As a vertically integrated company, Jinko also invests heavily in their R&D facilities throughout the world. Furthermore, in Australia, they have active research partnerships with Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).

Jinko modules are one of the two which received 90% in the CSIRO tests conducted in Newcastle. Top PV panel models from Jinko include the Eagle and the SMART series. The Eagle series was also awarded the Cradle to Cradle certification by SGS in 2017.  These modules are available ranging from 275 to 400W.  Have enquiries related to pricing ? Contact us now for more information.

Jinko Solar PV Module Features:

  • Five busbar solar cell
  • Built-in intelligent cell optimiser
  • Efficient shade tolerance
  • Module conversion efficiency up to 19.56%
  • Battery ready and future proof
  • Safety regulation compliance
  • Low-light performance and
  • Weather resilience: wind load of 2400 Pascal and snow load of 5400 Pascal

High Panel Efficiency

Known for their excellent efficiency ratings, Jinko panels separate themselves from the rest by having developed premiere solar panels at an affordable cost. Jinko panels were just one of two panels to score over 90% and receive an ‘excellent’ performance rating, in being subject to a full year of all sorts of Australian conditions. The next solar panel to rate in the 90% range was over 70% more expensive than Jinko solar panels! Jinko was also the first panel to break the 22% efficiency mark, having broken the previous record they also held.

Internationally Awarded Solar Panel

Jinko panels have been dominating the international awards for years now, winning the various EUPD Research Top Brand PV Modules for Australia, Europe and various other European countries. Jinko has also taken out the annual PV Module Reliability Top Performer Award for six years running! Jinko has also been named Top-Rated Bankable PV Module Supplier by PV-Tech, with just four companies, including Jinko, to receive top ‘AA’ rating.


Cheetah 60M-V

305 - 325W Mono Perc Modules

Smart Module

255-320W Poly Crystalline Module

Cheetah Plus HC 66M

Mono PERC Half Cell 370Wp

jinko monoperc 315w half cell panels

Cheetah HC 60M-V

315 - 335W Half Cell Mono Perc

Tiger N-Type 60TR

355-375 Watt Mono Facial Modules

Eagle MX (JK07A)

255-330W Poly 60&72

Tiger LM 60HC



310-330W Poly Crystalline Module