Growatt receives ‘All Quality Matters’ award
for its high power C&I inverter

At TÜV Rheinland’s Solar Congress 2022, Growatt has won the ‘All Quality Matters’ award with its high power commercial and industrial (C&I) inverter — the MAX 125KTL3-X LV model for achieving top performance in the organization’s test program.

As an internationally renowned independent third-party testing, inspection and certification organization, TÜV Rheinland has been deeply engaged in the PV field for 40 years so far. Its “All Quality Matters” Solar Congress has become a platform that brings together leading PV industry players with the purpose of standardizing product quality and establishing quality benchmarks. It is also the highest competition stage for PV inverters with objective and credible evaluation process and authoritative and neutral selection organization.

With first-rate performance in terms of product reliability, efficiency, power quality, input and output capability, Growatt’s MAX 125KTL3-X LV model stands out from the rest in the test program. “We are honored that our MAX 125KTL3-X LV inverter is recognized by TÜV Rheinland as the best high power PV inverter of the 100-150kW group for commercial and industrial use,” commented Mr. Woody Wu, the company’s vice president of research and development.

Growatt Max 125KTL3-X LV Features

The 125kW MAX inverter achieves a Max.efficiency of 98.8%. Its input and output capability surpass the others with an MPPT voltage range from 180V to 1,000V and 1.1 times the rated output power reaching a maximum of 137.5kW, enabling it to work with high power modules and realize higher energy yield for solar investors.

On the aspect of reliability and environmental adaptability, the inverter also achieves the best performance in long-period tests at switching extreme temperatures between -30°C/-22°F and 60°C/ 140°F. Moreover, it delivers a lower total harmonic distortion (THDi) of 1.08%, which is far better than an industry standard requirement of 3%, making it the top performer in the test program.

“At Growatt, our team is dedicated to bringing product and technology innovations to change the way homes and businesses are powered. Striving for excellence, we’ll continue to develop advanced products of high quality and reliability for global customers,” Wu concluded.

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