Risen Solar Panels Wholesale

Risen solar panels

Founded in 1986, Risen Energy specializes in R&D, sales and service of PV modules, solar terminal application and integration. As of 2018, they are one of the top 10 tier-1 manufacturers globally. Located in the Tashan Industry Zone, the company has over 4,500 employees worldwide. They have an annual capacity of 4.5GW and has CNAS, TUV, PAHS and ISO certifications. Their solar panels undergoes rigorous quality testing and validation. Risen has connected over 350MW of solar power to the grid. Furthermore, they manage about 150MW of their own solar farms. The company sells high performance modules, smart modules and BIPV systems.

Risen has undertaken the design, engineering and commissioning of some of the largest utility-grade solar projects in Australia and Europe. The brand name represents an affordable premium module option in the Australian residential and commercial market. Their solar solutions range from planning to implementation – site inspection, lease agreements, PPA, cost estimation, basic and detailed engineering, logistics and operations management. Projects like the 23MW Amatec farm (Germany), 30MW Estate Partner (Denmark), and 20MW Green Source (Romania) make them a trusted and international brand in the industry. They have also contributed many off-grid systems to kindergartens, nursing homes and orphanages as part of their social corporate responsibility schemes.

Gosolar is one of the biggest risen solar wholesale dealers in Australia. Our offerings include 60 cell (RSM60-6 series) and 72 cell (RSM72-6 series) high performance polycrystalline modules. Contact us to get more details, information and our highly competitive and discounted pricing structure.

Risen Solar PV Module Feature:

  • Tier-1 automated manufacturing facility
  • Best-in-class low thermal co-efficient of power
  • Maximum efficiency upto 16.5%
  • 3% Positive power tolerance
  • 12 year product warranty
  • 25 year linear performance warranty
  • Anti-reflective and anti-soiling weatherproof construction



315Wp | 120 Half Cell Mono PERC


255-275Wp | 60 cell Polycrystalline Module


300-320W0 | 72 Cell Polycrystalline Module


250-270Wp | 60 cell Polycrystalline Module