Leapton Solar Panels

leapton solar wholesale

Based in Japan, Leapton Energy supplies their panels to over 30 countries. Over the past 8 years, Leapton has built a reliable PV brand based on cutting-edge manufacturing technology synonymous with Japanese engineering. Leapton has more than 300 distributors and numerous warehouses globally. Through in-house design and efficient material procurement, they offer premium panels at budget price points compared to their competitors. The company also offers other PV components and mounting systems for residential and commercial solar applications.

Leapton solar manufacturing hubs are based in Jiangsu, China, have 1 GW total annual capacity and features fully automated assembly and production lanes and 100% EL inspection (pre- and post-lamination). In late 2019, their half-cell production lane came online. A new 1.5 GW factory is also under construction. The panels are used in numerous utility-grade installations in Japan and Europe – 1.8MW Yamaguchi (Japan), 1.5MW solar farm (Germany) etc.

Their panel offerings include standard, half-cell, black frame and 1500V series. Furthermore, all their solar cells features TIV, IEC, ISO, OHSAS, BIS and CEC (Australia) certifications. This ensures reliability and long-term performance guarantee.  In Australia, GoSolar is an official Leapton solar wholesale supplier, with distribution and support in NSW, WA, QLD and VIC. Contact us for more details and for more information on the pricing tiers.

Leapton Solar PV Module Features:

  • Maximum module efficiency of 19.6%
  • Stringent Japanese quality testing
  • Higher compatibility
  • 15 years product warranty
  • 25 years performance warranty
  • Low-light performance and
  • ISO 9001 and IEC Certifications

With an industry leading 15 Year Product Warranty and a Quality Output Guarantee of 25 Years, Leapton’s product performance confidence cannot be outdone.

Leapton puts its trust in their panel quality so highly that if a the solar cell modules were to diminish to below 90%, they will either repair or replace the panel, while if the solar cell modules were to reach efficiency levels of less than 80% over its 25 year warranty, the panel will again be repaired or replaced.*

Leapton Power Guarantee



Mono PERC 440-465W


Mono PERC 335-365W


Mono PERC 420-455W


Mono PERC 325-340W


Mono PERC 360-380W


Mono PERC 390-410W


Mono PERC 360-375W


Mono PERC 315-330W