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Growatt is one of the world’s leading supplier of inverters, and battery storage systems. The company was founded in 2010 to focus on manufacturing economic and innovative inverter and battery solutions for Europe, Australia and Asia. As of 2019, the company has offices in Germany, Australia, US, UK and Netherlands, with a high focus on R&D. By 2018, they have shipped over 1.2 million to over 4 continents. This amounts to a total inverter and battery capacity of 12GW. At present, at any given time, over 250,000 Growatt battery and inverter systems are online worldwide. The company ranks top 3 in the IHS global inverter shipment rankings.

Since inception, it took only 18 months for Growatt to become an established name in the smart inverter industry. Product quality is assured through in-house design, manufacturing and quality testing. The state-of-art automated manufacturing facilities, strict component sourcing and the 70+ quality control tests ensure the reliability and longevity of each inverter unit. Furthermore, along with a large after-sales and service team, the company has online smart service (OSS) for remote problem resolution. It is one of the first inverter suppliers for Jinko, Canadian Solar and Trina solar. They are also the long-term partners for large corporations including Foxconn manufacturing facilities, EU Solar, SIC USA and Saic Motors.

Some of the largest storage systems using Growatt batteries include 250kW Tanakeke Island (Indonesia), 50kW solar hybrid farm (Vietnam). Their new line-up of GBLi6531 batteries are now available in Australia. GoSolar is one of the official Growatt inverter wholesale distributors. For more information about pricing and discount options, contact us now.

Growatt has become one of the most dominant global solar storage brands in the market today. With a strong R&D department invested in constant technological innovation, Growatt aims to provide customers with premium products and services through its core battery technology, rigorous quality control and continuous improvement of customer service. With qualities consisting of a premium 10 year product warranty and a high performance efficiency with a Depth of Discharge of 94.5%, the Growatt battery should always be your first choice!

Leading Temperature Management

The Growatt brand is known for its incredible efficiency and performance across all of its performance, and the Growatt battery is no exception. When it comes to battery performance, temperature plays a huge role in determining whether a battery will be the efficient energy tool we all need to provide us with the maximum amount of energy as possible. Growatt batteries possess both an incredible operating temperature range (it performs well in both very hot and below freezing temperatures) and has a low and stable temperature regulation during charge and discharge. This is very important because if a battery cell were to exceed the recommended safe operating temperature, the cells could get critically damaged or at worst, explode.

As seen in the above graphs, Growatt batteries have a maximum temperature rise of just 13ºC, making it very safe and efficient and also has a very stable maximum temperature range of just 4.7ºC across all of its cells.

Inverter Compatibility

Growatt SPH single-phase and three-phase hybrid inverters can work at both on-grid and off-grid modules, while also being compatible with Growatt batteries and other lithium batteries. For existing solar system owners, they have the option to retrofit the system with Growatt SPA single-phase or three-phase inverters to create a premiere solar energy storage system. Having this capability ensures the most efficient use of generated solar energy, an increase in self-comsumption and a reduced reliance on the retail energy grid.

Lasting Lifetime Performance

Unlike some competing batteries on the market today, Growatt batteries have an exceptional high performance longevity and have earned its reputation as a leading solar battery brand.

At 25ºc, Growatt batteries have a cell cycle life in excess of 8000! This translates to the battery being charged and discharging stored electricity over four times more than competing NCM lithium-ion cells. Simply put, the Growatt battery lasts much longer at a premium performance. Growatt’s extensive scale of product testing has made for the Growatt battery range to be one of the most highly sought after storage systems on the market today.

Smart Battery Management & Weatherproof

Growatt batteries have been made to suit the harsh conditions of the Australian climate and will withstand even the most challenging weather we can throw at them. Its Smart Battery Management system ensures that the battery will be protected from the cell damaging effects of over-charging or discharging during times of low sunshine, while its weatherproof qualities ensure that it can hold up in a range of difficult conditions, including being IP55 waterproof and dustproof.



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